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Last Updated: Monday - Aug - 26

  • wClassical Mystery Tour
﷯ Beatles cover band tours the country with symphony

    Read and See the Beatles cover band that is touring the country playing your Beatles favorites with a symphony accompanying them throughout.

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  • wAustin and Gordie Johnson
﷯ An epic night in city known for epic nights

    Follow along as we bike our way around Austin, Tx and hear about our chance encounters with Blues/Rock legends Gordie Johnson and Chris Layton!

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  • w Classic rock on the piano
﷯ Blumenfeld makes your favorite songs come alive!

    Richard Blumenfeld YouTube sensation covering classic rock to todays hits with only his piano. This former D1 tennis player will blow you away...

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 Saza - Serious Italian A lovely bit of "food porn"

This is the intimate "untold" love story of a man, and his love affair with Saza. Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr.'s "serious Italian" Alabama eatery...





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Welcome To Victoria!   The meaning of "southern hospitality"

Kollin meets the musician he has been following, and covering for 7 years. Matt The Electrician in Austin,Tx. Read and become a fan of his too!






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Meeting Matt the Electrician - Imagine meeting your favorite musician

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  • wIs the "Facebook" craze over?
﷯ Teens and Tweens are leaving Facebook by the dozens...

    Explore the current state of social media. Is Facebook a thing of the past? Why are the younger generations migrating toward other social media outlets? All these answered and more...

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  • wJacks Family of Restaurants
﷯ Our week in Carmel, IN and the amazing time we had.

    From arrival to Carmel, Jim Bob Thompson, Jacks Family of Restaurants, the Lake House, Crooked Stick Golf, and much much more...

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